Class Time: Tuesday / Thursday 10:10-11:25

Location: 417 SCH

Day Date Instructor Topic Student Presentation
Tuesday 5-Sep KK / RPA Introduction
Thursday 7-Sep KK Version control and Unix
Tuesday 12-Sep KK Version control and Unix in-class activity
Thursday 14-Sep RPA Intro to Python Chesley, Case
Tuesday 19-Sep RPA Intro to Python in-class activity
Thursday 21-Sep KK Intro to MATLAB Janowski, Carchedi
Tuesday 26-Sep KK Intro to MATLAB in-class activity
Thursday 28-Sep KK Intro to Fortran Gruenburg, Hun Baek, Guo
Tuesday 3-Oct KK Intro to Fortran in class-activity
Thursday 5-Oct KK Intermediate Python I: NumPy arrays and matplotlib Martinez, Miller, Huang
Tuesday 10-Oct RPA Intermediate Python I in-class activity
Thursday 12-Oct RPA Intermediate Python II: Pandas for Tabular Data Siyan Wang and Yu Huang
Tuesday 17-Oct RPA Intermediate Python II in-class activity
Thursday 19-Oct RPA Intermediate Python III: Xarray for Multidimensional data Anne Bozak and Daniel Babin
Tuesday 24-Oct RPA Intermediate Python III in-class activity
Thursday 26-Oct KK Map making with GeoMappApp
Tuesday 31-Oct KK Map making with GMT
Thursday 2-Nov KK Map making with Basemap in Python
Tuesday 7-Nov No Class / Election Day
Thursday 9-Nov RPA Organization and Packaging of Python projects Lytle, Zhang
Tuesday 14-Nov RPA Organization and Packaging in-class activity
Thursday 16-Nov KK Parallel programming in Python with MPI Lesk, Raymond
Tuesday 21-Nov KK Intro to Habanero and Parallel Python with MPI in-class activity
Thursday 23-Nov No Class / Thanksgiving
Tuesday 28-Nov RPA Parallel programming Python with Dask
Thursday 30-Nov RPA Parallel programming in Python in-class activity
Tuesday 5-Dec RPA / KK Final presentations in-class
Thursday 7-Dec RPA / KK Final presentations in-class